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High productivity and low cost are the most important parameters for porcelain indutry.  Since the establishment of our company we have focused on this field heavily. Yüzey Geliştirme Merkezi is supplying;                                                                                                   

  • Diamond abrasives of KGS Diamond from Switzerland
  • Ceramic colours of Rüger & Günzel from Germany
  • All types of adhesive tapes
  • Personal safety equipment


  • For the automatic processes – linear and rotary table foot polishing stations - flexible diamond belts are used.
  • On linear and rotary table polishing machines there is a (optional) disc grinding station for Ø300mm discs for an initial cleaning of the foot/base.
  • Large sized plates and bowls or even sanitary parts – which would not fit the automatic polishing lines are often polished at a separate flat bed belt grinder. Belts for this set-up are 2000mm in length and 300mm in width.
  • Awkward shapes and sizes – like large plates and bowls - can’t often not be processed on the automatic linear and rotary table polishing lines. For these shapes an off-line set-up, surface grinder, is used to polish the foot.
  • Spiral belts are used for cleaning and polish of porcelain tableware and sanitary. Ideal for curved and contoured surfaces.
  • Handpads are multidimensional tools that are used for manual applications such as cleaning, and polishing of porcelain plates, bowls, cups. In the porcelain industry they are mainly used for removing imperfections.
  • For cleaning and maintaining of refractories parts like batts, ring and plate setters and similar firing refractories flexible diamond QRS discs are being used.