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Metal Working

Metal working requires big variety of applications, Yüzey Geliştirme Merkezi is supplying;

  • Nonvowen deburring wheels of YGM
  • Metallized fabrics of KGS Diamond from Switzerland
  • Carbide burrs of Lukas from Germany
  • Nonvowen sheets and flap brushes of Lukas from Germany
  • Flap wheels of Lukas from Germany
  • Abrasive discs of Lukas from Germany
  • Metal bonded and electroplated diamond tools for tool sharpening of Effgen from Germany
  • Dressing tools of Effgen from Germany
  • All types of adhesive tapes
  • Personal safety equipment


  • Deburring operations with nonvowen deburring wheels
  • Deburring operations with carbide burrs
  • Finishing with flap wheels, flap brushes and abrasive discs
  • Tool sharpening
  • Masking with high temperature resistant tapes on plasma coating operations