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Hollow Glass And Glass Laboratory Equipment

Due to thickness, aesthetic and precision of hollow glass and glass laboratory equipments are the most sensitive glass products.

  • Diamond abrasives of KGS Diamond from Switzerland
  • Diamond glass working tools of Tyrolit from Italy
  • Glass colours of Rüger & Günzel from Germany
  • Metal bonded and electroplated diamond tools of Effgen from Germany
  • All types of adhesive tapes for glass working
  • Personal safety equipment


  • Grinding, finishing and polishing bottles tubulars and surfaces.
  • Grinding internal taper in both joints and barrels and male conical joints with taper reamers
  • Grinding, finishing and polishing with large resin or metal wheels
  • Drilling with drill bits
  • Glass cutting
  • Glass colours for tempering
  • Masking tapes
  • High temperature adhesive tapes
  • Every kind of personal safety equipment.