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Auto Glass and Appliances

Precision, productivity and high speed production are the most important criteria for auto glass and glass for home appliances.  Yüzey Geliştirme Merkezi is supplying;

  • Diamond abrasives of KGS Diamond from Switzerland
  • Diamond glass working tools of Tyrolit from Italy
  • Glass colours of Rüger & Günzel from Germany
  • Metal bonded and electroplated diamond tools of Effgen from Germany
  • All types of adhesive tapes for glass working
  • Personal safety equipment


  • Spot repair after edging with diamond hand pads
  • Spot repair and PVB cleaning with diamond spiral bands
  • Manual glass seaming with diamond abrasive discs
  • Glass edging with diamond tools in double edger and all other grinding machines
  • Glass processing tools in CNC machines
  • Glass drilling with monoblock drill bits in manual or automatic drilling machines
  • Diamond tool dressing on automatic and manual machines
  • Glass colors for tempering
  • Adhesive masking tapes for printing
  • Double sided acrylic adhesive tapes
  • Masking tapes for painting
  • Cut resistant gloves
  • Anti-slip gloves
  • Every kind of personal safety equipment