Continuous rim saw blades are in use for flat or crystal glass cutting. For the laminated glass segmented saw blades must be used.

Cutting Disk
Diameter(mm) Bore X Thickness
Ø300 Ø25mm 10mm 1,8mm
Ø300 Ø42mm 10mm 1,8mm
Ø300 Ø60mm 10mm 1,8mm
Ø350 Ø25mm 10mm 2,0mm
Ø350 Ø42mm 10mm 2,0mm
Ø350 Ø60mm 10mm 2,0mm
Ø350 Ø25mm 10mm 2,4mm
Ø350 Ø42mm 10mm 2,4mm
Ø350 Ø60mm 10mm 2,4mm
Ø400 Ø42mm 10mm 1,8mm
Ø400 Ø25mm 10mm 2,4mm
Ø400 Ø60mm 10mm 2,4mm
Ø400 Ø24mm 10mm 2,2mm
Ø400 Ø25mm 10mm 2,2mm
Ø400 Ø42mm 10mm 2,0mm