Deburring Machines


The history of the FLADDER® Finishing System.


-for use in the wood and the metal industry,

Hansen & Hundebøl - inventors of the FLADDER® finishing system. The firm of Hansen & Hundebøl was established in the beginning of the 1970's as a development centre and was the name under which the FLADDER® sanding system was originally introduced. The idea behind the company was to develop solutions for manufacturers with a need to automate or rationalize production processes for which no machines were currently available.

As a development centre, Hansen & Hundebøl has created a multitude of industrial machines and automatic custom solutions for many different trades

At the end of the 1970's, contacts were made to leading furniture manufacturers in need of a more efficient - preferably automatic method for sealer sanding of furniture fronts.
This became the start of the FLADDER® sanding system. 



Following research and practical testing of several theoretical ideas, the first FLADDER® abrasive blades were produced and soon after introduced to the public at a number of trade fairs.
The product was extremely well received, and it was obvious that it had an enormous potential. At the time, the furniture industry had no machines that could yild results comparable to the qualities demonstrated by the FLADDER® sanding system.

As early as in the beginning of the 1980's the first automatic machine was produced and soon after production and sales gained momentum.
Today the FLADDER® sanding and deburring system is the Hansen & Hundebøl Group's main product.
In order to have a relation between our trade mark and company name the company known as Fladder Danmark A/S was established. This company is taking care of all the business done in relation to our FLADDER® products. 



New patents are constantly being developed and registered in step with the continued development of the system. The patents are there both to protect the basic idea behind the FLADDER® sanding system, and also to protect the added improvements as well as entirely new fields of application.
One of these new fields is the metal working industry, where researches and tests prove that our products are ideal for deburring, brushfinishing and some of the machines can even be used for polishing

One of the unusual characteristics of our FLADDER® abrasives is that they are so flexible that they can do deburring of profiled, shaped and even 3-dimensional pieces without any critical damage to the surface itself. 




Four important parameters for perfect deburring and sanding

Deburring and sanding by Fladder® is based on our own unique technology wich results in uniform deburring of the work-piece regardless of shape, complexity or the location of burrs.
The core of the technology is our solid gear head with shafts on which flexible Fladder® abrasive cylinders are mounted.
Workpieces are deburred or sanded from all angles within the four parameters which are normally syncronised in pairs.
If the RPM of the abrasive tools or the feed speed of workpieces is altered, the other parameters change automatically Each function may also be 100 % manually operated.



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