KGS is a market leader manufacturing and selling flexible diamond abrasives into the global Glass Market, as the famous and patented KGS Telum® diamond belts. This leadership position was cr

The Stone & Construction industry has beent the backbone market for KGS DIAMOND during the past 60 years still accounting for around 40% of the group’s turnover today. In these 60

High Tech composite materials provide specific challenges for precision grinding and polishing. These materials composed of glass fibres, Kevlar, carbon fibres and epoxy resins are found in trai

Superhard Coatings are difficult to grind or polish. These hard, brittle surfaces require the highest technology to meet quality and precision objectives. KGS provides innovative flexible diamon

Many new technical challenges are brought to KGS DIAMOND by its customers who can benefit from Flexible Super-Abrasive Technology. Successes in metallography and other flat lapping operations ha

KGS Diamond have developed an excellent specification for the porcelain industry which meets the very high quality requirements for smooth bases on plates, cups, saucers and other tableware in a

KGS is a technology driven company regularly applying for patents and bringing innovations to the abrasives world. The control of complex technologies such as metallisation of fabrics, electropl

Diamond Sandpaper for DIY and Hardward purposes gives a new dimension to the work of the handyman. Faster working, better and consistent finish and almost no limitations in the materials, which

KGS DIAMOND created a range of individual products for a unique industry. Cloth emerizing or “Peaching” products have been created by working with textile finishing engineers to reac

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