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Taper Reamers provide a rapid method of grinding the internal taper in both joints and barrels achieving a smooth finish. Two types of reamers, male and female, are available. Special sizes can be supplied.

%10 Conical LN Taper Reamer
Type D d H
LN 5,5mm 2,5mm 30mm
LN 7,5mm 3,5mm 40mm
LN 8mm 4,5mm 35mm
LN 10mm 5mm 50mm
LN 10,5mm 7mm 35mm
LN 12mm 5,5mm 65mm
LN 12,5mm 6mm 65mm
LN 12,7mm 3,7mm 90mm
LN 13mm 7,5mm 55mm
LN 13mm 8mm 50mm
LN 14,5mm 7,5mm 75mm
LN 15mm 8mm 40mm
LN 16mm 7mm 80mm
LN 16,5mm 11mm 40mm
LN 16,4mm 8mm 60mm
LN 18mm 12,4mm 75mm
LN 18,5mm 12mm 105mm
LN 19,1mm 11mm 50mm
LN 19,5mm 8,6mm 50mm
LN 19,5mm 14,5mm 45mm
LN 22mm 14,5mm 50mm
LN 24mm 17,5mm 45mm
LN 25,5mm 19mm 60mm
LN 29mm 20mm 50mm
LN 29mm 19,5mm 75mm
LN 29,5mm 24mm 60mm
LN 30mm 21,5mm 60mm
LN 35mm 23,5mm 50mm
LN 40,4mm 24mm 50mm
LN 45,5mm 40mm 55mm
LN 50,5mm 45mm 55mm
LN 55,4mm 49,9mm 55mm
LN 60,5mm 54,5mm 60mm
LN 65mm 59mm 60mm
LN 67mm 61mm 60mm
LN 69mm 62mm 70mm
LN 71mm 64mm 70mm
LN 85mm 79,2mm 58mm
LN 100mm 93,7mm 63mm



%14 Conical LN Taper Reamer
Type D d H
LN 9,7mm 5,5mm 30mm
LN 11,5mm 4,5mm 50mm
LN 12mm 5mm 50mm
LN 13mm 6mm 50mm
LN 14mm 7mm 50mm
LN 15mm 8mm 50mm
LN 16mm 9mm 50mm
LN 17mm 10mm 50mm
LN 18mm 11mm 50mm
LN 19mm 12mm 50mm
LN 20mm 13mm 50mm
LN 21mm 14mm 50mm
LN 22mm 15mm 50mm
LN 23mm 16mm 50mm
LN 24mm 17mm 50mm
LN 25mm 18mm 50mm
LN 26mm 19mm 50mm
LN 27mm 20mm 50mm
LN 28mm 21mm 50mm
LN 29mm 22mm 50mm
LN 30mm 23mm 50mm
LN 31mm 24mm 50mm
LN 32mm 25mm 50mm
LN 33mm 26mm 50mm
LN 34mm 27mm 50mm
LN 35mm 28mm 50mm
LN 36mm 29mm 50mm
LN 37mm 30mm 50mm
LN 38mm 31mm 50mm
LN 39mm 32mm 50mm
LN 40mm 33mm 50mm


%20 Conical LN Taper Reamer
Type D d H
LN 19mm 7mm 60mm
LN 20mm 10mm 50mm
LN 23mm 13mm 50mm
LN 23,5mm 13,5mm 50mm
LN 24,5mm 12,5mm 60mm
LN 25mm 13mm 60mm
LN 26mm 16mm 50mm
LN 27mm 17mm 50mm
LN 28mm 13mm 75mm
LN 28,5mm 16,5mm 60mm
LN 29mm 17mm 60mm
LN 32mm 20mm 60mm


%25 Conical LN Taper Reamer
Type D d H
LN 19,5mm 7mm 50mm
LN 20mm 7,5mm 50mm
LN 23mm 10,5mm 50mm
LN 26mm 13,5mm 50mm
LN 27mm 14,5mm 50mm
LN 28mm 15,5mm 50mm
LN 29mm 16,5mm 50mm
LN 30mm 17,5mm 50mm
LN 31mm 18,5mm 50mm
LN 32mm 13mm 76mm
LN 34mm 21,5mm 50mm